During the 1920's, schools were one or two room schoolhouses and they were located within walking distances of the students, since there was no transportation except for mules and wagons. The mules were needed on the farms and were not available to provide transportation. Some of these school were located in Midway, Camp Ruby, Segno, Holly Grove, Indian Springs and Dallardsville.  

    In Dallardsville in the 1930's a 2 room school was built at the present school site near where our old cafeteria is located. A well was present where the old oak tree now stands near the cafeteria. The Superintendent was Proctor Galloway and there were two other teachers. The school grew and in 1939 the present Jr. High building was built by the W.P.A. 

    In the early 40's the first Gym was built near where our present new gym stands. A cafeteria was built in 1951 and was located behind the present Jr. High building. Mr. I.V. Burkett was the Superintendent and Mr. W. Ford King was the High School Principal. 

    A new gym was built in 1953 and is still standing today. Today we call it the "old gym." During the 1970's the agriculture building and a new cafeteria was built. In 1982 the a new high school was built where grades 8-12 were located.
 History of Big Sandy
Independent School District

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Big Sandy ISD Mission Statement:
Big Sandy ISD will promote in all students a strong sense of academic achievement, positive self-image, and a desire to become responsible, productive citizens in our ever-changing society.